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We consult our clients in various stages of their projects in the e-mobility and charging infrastructure sector. We are active in successful projects on

  • Rollout management consulting

  • Charging infrastructure and e-mobility technology consulting

  • Electrification & infrastructure strategy and solutions

  • Charging products & service development

  • Optimization of related business processes

  • Ideation and conception of innovative business models

  • Financing and funding advisory

Strategic thinking

The e-mobility and charging infrastructure market is highly dynamic and fast paced. Setting the right direction and having a future-oriented view are key for a lasting success.

Strategic thinking is a core element of our work. Accordingly, we are pursuing our clients' interests with the same entrepreneurial mindset as our own. 

Tailored solutions

New services. New products. Keeping an overview and knowing the developments in the e-mobility and charging infrastructure landscape is essential for us.

We consult our clients independently. With the improvement of already existing processes, products and services or the process development and the sourcing of products and services.

Sustainable implementation

E-mobility and charging infrastructure mean change. Hence the consideration and the involvement of all relevant social, technical and economic factors are crucial for a sustainable project implementation.

We know from many years of experience about the challenges occurring especially on the home stretch of e-mobility and charging infrastructure projects. 

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