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Charging Infrastructure Development

as a Service.

Beyond the services offered with our rollout management services, we provide together with our partners and contractors fulfilment capacities in form of

  • Civil works capacity

  • Electrical installation capacity.

This enables us to act as a full-service rollout and deployment provider and subsequently as general contractor for your project.

With Charging Infrastructure Development as a Service (CIDaaS), we are responsible for the development and realisation of your charging locations. You provide the potential sites - we analyse the sites and develop them into turnkey charging locations.

#CIDaaS is the individually adaptable full-service concept for the deployment of charging infrastructure. From identification of suitable technologies for certain types of locations, depending on their characteristics, and the deployment of the charging infrastructure at these sites to the rollout of complete charging networks for multi-site businesses.

We handle all phases of planning and rollout - you always retain the decision-making authority.

#CIDaaS is adaptable for a variety of cases, from public and semi-public charging to fleet and depot charging

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