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Rollout Management.

“The number of charging locations to be deployed within the set targets often exceeds the actual realisation figures.”

Resources for planning and implementing charging infrastructure projects are limited by the current large number of projects. We support your project with rollout management services for the deployment of charging infrastructure. 

Independent from the technology - from AC to HPC.

Independent from the application - from public and semi-public charging over residential to fleet or depot charging.

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A. Site selection

Identification of suitable sites for charging infrastructure.


B. Understanding of current situation 

Analysis of the situation and conditions at the selected sites.


C. Planning phase

Preparation of a detailed project plan for each site, including the necessary construction and electrical work and budgets.


D. Project execution

Engineering, permits, grid connection as well as execution and supervision of construction and electrical work.


E. Project delivery

Commissioning and connection of the charging stations. Hand over of the site including documentation.

Operating charging locations

The deployment of charging infrastructure often has it's twists and turns. And that is not because we like to make it complicated. But we can help!


The use of a modern toolkit combined with our experience and know-how will elevate the effectiveness and efficiency of your rollout and deployment project.


We consider the following elements essential for a successful charging infrastructure rollout project:

  • Rollout conceptutation & execution

  • Network planning / macro planning

  • Location planning / micro planning

  • Stakeholder management

  • Tender and procurement management 

  • Grid connection management

  • Building and permit management

  • Process development & optimization

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