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Sustainable Mobility Consulting GmbH



We are committed to the future of sustainable mobility. Together with our clients and partners, we work to jointly overcome the dependency on finite resources in the mobility sector.

Our ambition is to make a difference. By paving the way for a seamless and engaging transition, we support our clients with their e-mobility and ev-charging infrastructure projects. 

We are looking back on over ten years of professional experience in the field of alternative propulsion in general and a specialization in ev-charging infrastructure and technology for electric vehicles.

With our passion, our experience, our know-how, the professional network and last but not least our hands-on mentality, we are the independent partner for your e-mobility and ev-charging infrastructure project.


"There are no rules here - We are trying to accomplish something!" 

- Thomas A. Edison



Electric vehicles and the electrification of fleets are on the rise. No matter if we talk about passenger cars, service and delivery vehicles or buses and trucks. The electrification of the mobility sector requires a continuous expansion and seamless integration of charging solutions, ev-charging infrastructure and services. 

We support your business comprehensively with our expertise and experience around ev-charging. We have worked in multiple e-mobility and ev-charging projects with different applications like public and semi-public charging, residential charging, fleet and depot charging as well as maritime charging projects.

Our customers are

  • Charge Point Operators (CPOs)

  • E-mobility Service Providers (EMPs)

  • Fleet operators & transport companies

  • Leasing companies

  • Utilities

  • Real estate agencies & housing associations

  • Cities & municipalities

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Track record of 300+ DC charging locations in multiple projects within EU member countries. 

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